Episode 9-Live from Branson, Missouri

Today, two of ventriloquism’s most original thinkers join Matt in person at the former Hamner Barber Theater in Branson, Missouri. Jim Barber is a musical ventriloquist who headlined in Branson for 10 years. Since this interview in August 2013, he is semi-retired from performing to become more active in Branson politics. Barber is making sure Branson stays the entertainment destination it has always been for generations to come!

Now appearing at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC Todd Oliver has real-life talking dogs. At the time of this interview he headlined with his canines in his own comedy and music show at the New Americana Theatre in Branson. Both men have had several national television appearances under their belt and are acclaimed for their creativity in our art.

Enjoy our first in-person roundtable on location!

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