Val Valentino-Episode 130

Val Valentino, AKA The Masked Magician, opens up to Matt in a refreshingly insightful interview.

Valentino rose to fame-or is it infamy?-when he donned a WWE-inspired mask and began revealing the secrets to some of magic’s biggest illusions. After 4 Breaking the Magician’s Code specials, he revealed himself and spoke about why he did it. But in 2009, Valentino returned to the Fox TV network for 13 more episodes of the controversial series.

As a result of revealing over 100 tricks and illusions, magicians ostracized Valentino from their community. Host Matt Bailey, a magician himself, became curious: who really is the man behind the mask? So many magicians shunned him with no desire to open a real dialogue. But really, would Val ever speak openly about making such a controversial decision? Today, that changes.

Valentino, speaking candidly with Matt Bailey, opens up about what inspired him to become a magician. He speaks of his early shows, and the types of people and performances that inspired him. The now-Unmasked magician discusses how he initially turned the show down, and then decided to do the show while making sure the magic was handled respectfully. Plus, Valentino opens up for the first time about how he has handled being ostracized from the magic community and coped with the backlash from the series.

Matt admits in this interview to watching the Breaking the Magician’s Code, and being inspired to think differently about magic because of the show. Magicians who are angry with the Masked Magician have a right to be. Those who support his decision have a right to as well. With no disrespect to a community he loves so much, Mr. Valentino’s humanity and story-the thing often ignored my so many-is the driving force behind today’s interview. And that, whether you love him, hate him, or are indifferent, is endlessly fascinating.

Listen to Jason Havey interview Matt by clicking here!

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