Burt Ward-Episode 131

Happy Fourth of July, Batman!

From Caped Crusader to Canine Crusader, the original Robin, Burt Ward sits down with Matt Bailey.

The pair discuss the 1966 Batman series’ longevity. Ward looks back at 50 years of fan support, as well as how he lucked into the role without knowing a thing about the comic books!

But most of the episode is dedicated to Ward’s passion: rescuing large dogs. Ward’s rescue, Gentle Giants, adopts dogs to those local to their location in California. In addition, Burt and his wife Tracy often pay for  these dogs’  medical care out of their own pocket. They have now developed a dog food that contains significantly less fat than the leading dog foods. As such, Gentle Giant claims, the life expectancy of large dogs that are given a diet of this special formula is as much as doubling.

From one of America’s most beloved to TV show to our beloved four-legged friends, this episode is a perfect way to celebrate America’s Independence.

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