Michael Levine-Episode 146

Happy Election Week! Today, we welcome renowned entertainment publicist, Michael Levine. Throughout his career, Levine has represented numerous Academy Award winners, Grammy Winners, and even New York Times Best Selling authors.

Mr. Levine discusses the tough home life that led him to leave home at age 17. With no education, Levine eventually found Hollywood and would carve out an iconic career in the public relations industry. Notably, Levine handled Michael Jackson’s PR during Jackson’s 1993 child molestation trial.

Mr. Levine runs Levine Briefing Notes, a daily rundown of the days headline. Many stars and politicians rely on Levine’s headline site for the day’s most important news.

Levine joins Matt to discuss this week’s presidential election, and how the media has shaped our image of each of the candidates. He opens up about his feelings on the media’s bias, and what viewers should look out for in order to see through it.

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