Peter Engel-Episode 150

Saved by the Bell creator Peter Engel sits down with Matt to discuss his new book, I Was Saved By The Bell.

Engel created the high school-centered sitcom for NBC in 1989. Since then, the show has been a hit among generations of fans. More than just a ‘Saturday Morning’ kid show, Saved by the Bell found an audience of not just kids and not just adults, but a demographic right in the middle: high schoolers who saw themselves in Zach, Slater, and even Screech.

Peter Engel reveals the reason he believes the show was able to find this audience. Plus, he exclusively discusses how magician Ed Alonzo was cast as the owner of The Max, and the reason for Alonzo’s departure from the series. He also opens up about why fighting for the integrity of you creative endeavors is so important, sharing his advice for future generations of television producers.

The title of his new book rings true: Peter Engel really was Saved by the Bell.

Visit the books website here; or purchase the book here: