Michael Lantieri Live-Episode 154

Talk For Two returns with Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Michael Lantieri!

Matt is proud to welcome Talk For Two’s first-ever Oscar winner, live from the KAX stage in Oxnard, California.

Michael Lantieri’s resume reads like a list of the greatest films ever made. From his early adventures making Tinkerbell fly in Hook, to the creativity needed to blend animation and live action together for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Lantieri is behind some of the most memorable effects in film history. He is even responsible for Marty McFly’s iconic self-tying shoelaces.

In 1994, Lantieri won the Academy Award for his Visual Effects on Jurassic Park. He, along with Stan Winston, Phil Tippet, and Dennis Muren earned the Oscar for the groundbreaking techniques used to make dinosaurs come to life.

Michael Lantieri spent almost an hour and a half revealing the stories behind the amazing effects in these films and more. He begins with the story behind the foursome’s hysterical Oscar acceptance speech, which you can see by clicking here.

During the live presentation in front of a group of variety arts entertainers, Matt showed the KAX crowd clips of Lantieri’s work, and then the pair went on to discuss what was just on the screen. Due to usage rights, those elements have been edited out. This means it could be easy to lose track of what films are being discussed. For your convenience, the clips discussed are listed in order below:

The Academy Award Acceptance Speech


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Back to the Future Parts II and III

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Polar Express


Jurassic Park


Convention Chair-Mark Daniel

Convention Co-Producer-Steve Axtell

Convention Sound-Nathan J. Roberts

Convention Stage Management-Frank Padilla, Jr.

Day Host-Yoly Pacheco

Thanks to the Following for their Support of this Production:

Jay Johnson

Mary Anne Lantieri

Michael Lantieri

Charlie Spector

Matt’s Note: I want to thank Mark, Steve, and especially Michael for trusting me to honor this incredible body of film work. It was truly a privilege.