Judge Michael Corriero – Episode 210

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Hot Bench star and juvenile justice advocate Judge Michael Corriero chats with Matt Bailey

Welcome, everyone to another legal edition of Talk For Two. You may recall that a few weeks ago, we welcomed Judge Patricia DiMango of Hot Bench on the program. Now, we welcome Judge Michael Corriero to the program, also from Hot Bench. If you can’t tell, I just absolutely love this show.

Judge Corriero has spent his life devoted to giving juveniles who enter the criminal justice system a second chance. This includes creating and presiding over  the Manhattan Youth Part. This is a section of the New York State Supreme Court designed to focus resources on young offenders who are prosecuted as adults. 

And in fact, Corriero was instrumental in getting the age of criminality raised in New York State. He details how he accomplished raising the minimum age to 18 for certain crimes.

Despite his TV fame, Corriero continues to stay active in causes for youth justice. On June 18th, the Judge will moderate a panel called, “COVID-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity to Reimagine Rehabilitation for Juvenile Offenders,” about how the legal system can use these trying times to offer young offenders a second chance. The panel will take place on June 18th. Click here to learn more about the panel and to attend. It is a free conversation.

I also asked Judge Corriero about where society fails to educate young adults on their civil responsibilities. Indeed, many of the cases on Hot Bench deal with 20-somethings in over their heads on rent or loans.

Judge Corriero could not be a nicer man. You can tell he loves the law–and loves using it to better society. But it was a criminal court case in his early years as lawyer in New York City that–decades later–led to his TV fame.