Richard Kind – Episode 212

Richard_Kind, Matt_Bailey, Talk_for_Two

Matt Bailey has an eye-opening conversation with iconic character actor Richard Kind

Talk For Two is proud to welcome one of the most recognizable actors in the world. Richard Kind has done nearly everything in his career. From Spin City and Mad About You to Inside Out, his quirky characters are now a part of pop culture.

Kind can deftly switch between laugh-a-minute comedy, oddball loser,  searing villain–and literally everything in between.

Richard was “Kind” enough (sorry, pun very intended) to spend nearly an hour with me and just…talk. I hesitate to even call this an interview. We talked about life, about the fears actors face, about the journey on which character actors in particular embark.

If you’re an actor–or even a director or writer–I guarantee you will glean something from this chat. It was so freaking cool. This was like a master class in everything show business.

We touched on some of Richard’s roles. But mostly, we just talked about what drives him, what scares him, and what keeps him going after such a storied career in the business.

If you really want to make a living in the arts, this interview is a great roadmap. But even Richard acknowledges that everybody’s path is different. The hour will fly by. I promise.