Mitch Rossell-Episode 162

Garth Brooks “Ask Me How I Know” Songwriter Mitch Rossell opens up in revealing interview

Today, Matt welcomes someone who has won the country music lottery. Mitch Rossell is a Nashville recording artist and songwriter who had a superstar take him under their wing: Garth Brooks. Over a year ago, Brooks asked if he could record one of Rossell’s songs.

Fast forward to today, and Mitch is the songwriter on Brooks’ latest single, “Ask Me How I Know,” off of 2016’s Gunslinger album. Rossell opens up to Matt about a variety of topics. From what was going through his mind when writing this hit, to his passion for real country music, and going from working in an airport bar to opening concerts in 20,000 seat arenas for his mentor.

Rossell also has his own album out, called Raised by the Radio. While it was co-produced by his superstar mentor, it is a perfect example of why Rossell shines as the future of country music.

You will be amazed at how genuine Mitch Rossell is. He is easy to talk to, grateful, and so open about his journey and songwriting process. Plus, he gives us a peak behind the scenes on the world’s largest tour.

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