Dale and Paula McKenzie – Episode 247

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Talk For Two’s spotlight on YouTubers begins with Dale and Paula McKenzie They run a YouTube channel that looks at Las Vegas’ history, culture, and the happenings on the strip and beyond.

Dale and Paula McKenzie’s story is a fascinating one. The couple have lived in Las Vegas for decades, where Dale forged a career as a musician and entertainer, while Paula has spent her career working in IT. Together, they launched their YouTube channel in 2018. At first only featuring Dale’s adventures in the Desert, Paula slowly joined in. And now, the Dynamic Duo are appointment viewing every Sunday at 11 AM ET as they release their weekly blog.
Their channel, “Las Vegas Inside & Out” does just what the name suggests: focuses on Vegas and the surrounding region. Whether it is a trip to Pahrump, NV, a staycation on the Strip, or even a jaunt to Ohio, the McKenzies share their Vegas Valley life for all to see. A trademark feature of their channel is Paula’s beautiful iPhone photography, and Dale’s broadcast-ready voice narrating each adventure.
One particularly popular focus of the channel is the Bellagio’s conservatory. The pair go behind the scenes with each seasonal change at the behemoth flower display, giving viewers an inside look into how the gorgeous designs are executed by the team of botanists who work round-the-clock to transform the resort.
Their channel is the perfect spot for Vegas visitors like myself, who come not to party hard with alcoholic Yardsticks on the strip, but to have a relaxing time enjoying the atmosphere of this desert jewel.
Check out “Las Vegas Inside and Out” right here https://www.youtube.com/@DaleMcKenzie, and be sure to also watch Paula’s Kitchen and More: https://www.youtube.com/@paulaskitchen-lv, a separate channel that has launched since we spoke in October.

Though we don’t discuss it in the interview, we sat down on the somber 5th anniversary of the Las Vegas tragedy of October 1, 2017. It was a humbling moment to be in my favorite city on such a heavy day.