About Talk For Two

What do Kevin Bacon, Joel Hodgson, and Gilbert Gottfried have in common? They have all given candid interviews on THE #1 PERFORMING ARTS PODCAST.


With an internationally praised interviewing style that agent to Emmy legend Ed Asner calls an “asset” to modern broadcasting, Matt Bailey’s unique talent allows him to get to the heart of why his guests do what they do. Matt’s guests have won or been nominated for nearly every major award, from Emmys and Golden Globes to Grammys and even Pulitzers.

Started just two years ago with a focus on variety entertainers (Bailey is a magician and ventriloquist in his spare time), in the summer of 2015, the podcast took a turn to focus on headliners and celebrities from all sectors of the performing arts.

Comedians, Actors, Musicians, and more agree: Matt Bailey is one of the smartest and most intuitive talk show hosts working today. Comedy superstar Bill Engvall has said Matt, “Had great questions,” and told him that he could, “Have me back anytime.” Engvall made his podcast debut on the show.

Based out of New York City, Talk For Two has a unique bead on current events in the entertainment industry as only a show originating from “the greatest city in the world” can! The program is often used to promote Broadway, Off-Broadway, and concert events in the City and the surrounding Northeast. You never know who Matt Bailey will sit down with next!