Bob Perlow-Episode 122

Bob Perlow, the renowned television audience warm-up comic joins Matt for an incredible, in-depth look at his career. Perlow is known for perfecting the art of keeping a TV audience in their seats. From Laverne and Shirley to Newhart and Who’s the Boss, Perlow made his living in the golden age of the television sitcom. Perhaps his most well-known gig is as the longest-running warm-up comic for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.

Now, Perlow has put the stories amassed from his career in a new book, aptly titled The Warm-Up Guy. Today, Perlow shares some of those experiences and more. You’ll hear how he almost literally fell into a career lasting 3 decades. From show to show and network to network, his calendar was always full and he never missed a day. Bob Perlow created a one-of-a-kind career as only a one-of-a-kind man can!

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