The One Where Rachel and Lexi Make a Podcast-Episode 1

90’S CHICKS! is here!!! Lexi Javornik and Rachel Wender make their podcast-hosting debut as they launch’s second podcast, all about millennial’s favorite decade, THE 90s!

What better topic to launch the show than FRIENDS! Rachel and Lexi talk about their obsession with all things Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe. No other TV show best captures the spirit of our favorite decade!

The ladies discuss their favorite characters, which characters THEY are, and what the cast of the show is up to now! Plus, you’ll find out what the absolute, without-a-doubt BEST episode of Friends is! (Trust us, Lexi and Rachel are experts. :D)

Plus, the girls tease their upcoming appearance at 90’s Fest on Governor’s Island, NYC, TOMORROW! You’ll have to follow 90’s Chicks and Talk For Two on Facebook to catch them LIVE from the biggest 90’s party of the Summer!

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