Milt Larsen-Episode 140

Magic Castle founder Milt Larsen joins Matt LIVE from Hollywood!

In an interview that lasts just ten minutes shy of an hour, Mr. Larsen discusses his legendary career. The founder of what would become one of Hollywood’s most renowned clubs discusses growing up in a family of magicians. His father, a lawyer and a magician, had the seed of the idea for the Castle for many years. As an adult, Milt, and his late brother Bill, were finally able to realize that dream.

But Milt Larsen considers himself first and foremost a writer. During the founding of the Magic Castle and the associated Academy of Magical Arts, he was a writer for the iconic television show Truth or Consequences. When the Castle began to take up too much of his time, Larsen left the show to focus on building a club renowned for its quality, entertainment, and community spirits.

Now in his 80’s, he still writes, creates, and broadcasts nearly everyday. Showing no sign of slowing down, Mr. Larsen hopes to be the Magic Castle’s keeper for many more years.