Todd Komarnicki-Episode 141

Screenwriter of the #1 movie in America, SULLY, joins Matt Bailey! Todd Komarnicki invited Matt into his Tribeca home for a chat about the biographical film.

Komarnicki, whose credits also include Elf and Meet Dave, discussed why America needs the story of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and “The Miracle on the Hudson.” He opens up about the process of tearing apart Sully’s memoir and “memorizing” the airline Captain to be able to piece together his screenplay.

The pair also discuss the format in which the story is told (you see the famed “207 seconds” a total of six times throughout the film), working with Clint Eastwood, and why Sully is a break from the “exhausting” experience of going to the movies. Plus, you’ll find out why the NTSB had to treat the case of US Airways Flight 1549 so differently than the other cases it must investigate.

Sully is in movie theaters now.