Joel Hoekstra From Trans-Siberian Orchestra-Episode 149

Today, Matt welcomes Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist, Joel Hoekstra. Also a member of Whitesnake, Hoekstra is one of rock’s most respected guitarists.

Coming to the PPL center on 11/18, Hoekstra divulges what Allentown fans can expect from this season’s iteration of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s annual winter tour. He takes Matt on a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to produce their famously complex show. TSO’s founder Paul O’Neill heads up production each year, and Hoekstra praises¬†his boss’s commitment to excellent musical arrangements and special effects.

Hoekstra also reveals what keeps him coming back year after year, including the band’s very own seasonal¬†traditions, including their large holiday feast. When asked about what he appreciates most about being a part of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, his answer is simple: getting to make a living playing music.

While Joel Hoekstra performs with the East Coast touring group, his work can be heard on TSO’s album, Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night).

CORRECTION: The website is, it is incorrectly stated at the top of the show. Please click here to buy tickets