Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood-Episode 159

Exclusive interviews with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, plus highlights from the press conference!

Garth Brooks returned to Albany New York for the first time in 20 years. His run of three shows began on Friday March 10th. Before the first concert, Brooks and Trisha Yearwood held a Press Conference, and Talk For Two was on hand.

Brooks admits the he was unsure how the fans would react to his return after being gone for such a long time. And yet his return to touring has shattered all expectations. Even though Garth won artist of the decade for the 90’s, the 2010’s are proving extremely fruitful as well. From becoming the only artist to earn 7 diamond awards from the RIAA, to selling over 5 million tickets in just 60 cities, Brooks has redefined what a comeback looks like.

Trisha Yearwood is a megastar in her own right. She also has millions of albums sold, and a food network empire to her name. This marks her first arena tour in several years. She continued to tour while Brooks was on hiatus. However, she tells Matt, she cut her dates back significantly when she, Garth, and Garth’s children moved to Oklahoma.

Garth Brooks has released two new albums since his return to touring. 2014’s Man Against Machine and last November’s Gunslinger. However, Brooks does not bog down his concerts with new material. He acknowledges that audiences have come to hear the ‘old stuff’. The concert only featured 2 songs off of his most recent albums.

Matt Bailey spoke with both Yearwood and Brooks exclusively. In this episode, he presents those brief interviews along with highlights from the couple’s press conference. Watch Bailey’s interviews with the superstars below.

Matt Bailey and Garth Brooks. Matt is wearing a shirt from Garth’s clothing line, Sevens by Cinch.