Smithfield and Joni Twitty-Episode 176

Smithfield, Conway Twitty

Country Music is Timeless on today’s episode!

Today, Matt is proud to welcome the daughter of country music royalty, Conway Twitty’s daughter, Joni. Plus, later on, we will hear from up-and-coming duo Smithfield, whose authentic and emotional songwriting skills pair perfectly with Conway Twitty’s style.

Joni Twitty is the producer of a brand new album of her father’s work, called Timeless. Conway Twitty recorded new vocals to his hits (and some covers he loved to do live) while on a tour of military shows in the 70s. The previously undiscovered masters were brought to Ms. Twitty’s attention, and she helped breathe new life into the tracks.

Produced with some supplemental instrumentation, Timeless comes across as exactly that. Without knowing the story behind the new album, one would guess it to be simply a compilation of the mythic country legend’s greatest hits. And there is nobody sweeter, more knowledgeable, or excited to shepherd this than Conway’s daughter herself.

Here now, to tell us how this experience has taught her so much about her father’s music, our interview with Joni Twitty.

Smithfield is comprised of Texas natives Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder.

Matt caught up with them at a tour stop in Manhattan earlier this spring. The three talked about Smithfield’s musical journey, and single their “Hey Whiskey”, an authentically emotional country ballad that has seen great airplay on SiriusXM’s The Highway, and thousands of downloads each week on iTunes since its release.

The song has led Smithfield to multiple appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, including two performances at the Ryman Auditorium. It is not hard to tell both of them are extremely grateful to get to play country music full time.

To download music from both of today’s guests, please click here for Conway Twitty’s Timeless, and here for Smithfield’s music.