Dan Tyminski-Episode 178

Southern Gothic

14x Grammy Winner Dan Tyminski returns to discuss his awesome album, Southern Gothic.

The last time Dan Tyminski appeared on Talk For Two, he and host Matt Bailey discussed Tyminski’s more traditional bluegrass career. Tyminski is known for his work as the male lead vocalist and guitarist for Alison Krauss’ band Union Station. In addition, Tyminski is famous for providing the singing voice for George Clooney in the Coen Brothers’ classic O, Brother, Where Art Thou? His new album, Southern Gothic, takes a new direction

But it was the success of Tyminski’s 2013 collaboration with DJ Avicii on the electro-bluegrass crossover hit “Hey Brother” that catapulted him to a new audience. Tyminski realized he was on to something when the twang of bluegrass meets the wiz-kid mastery of EDM. Originally known for more authentic bluegrass music, this embrace of technology is serving as a magnetic entry into a second phase of Dan’s career.

Southern Gothic-and the branding of his backing band as simply ‘Tyminski’-has seen Dan play on Good Morning America and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, both national television debuts for Tyminski.

But the story of how this new album came to be is incredible, and a testament to the fact that there are still ‘suits’ in the music business that believe in creativity. Dan holds nothing back in this conversation with Matt, digging into and revealing the creative process behind some of Southern Gothic‘s best songs. (Which, really, they all are!)

Dan also opens up about his experience playing this new music on the road and introducing this style to people more familiar with his traditional flavor. He and his label team decided to release Southern Gothic after the Grammy consideration period, he says, so that this piece of work has time to build and audience and carve out its own genre.

To hear the title track to the album, “Southern Gothic,” click here. To see when Dan Tyminski and the Tyminski band will be playing near you, visit www.tyminskimusic.com.