Jeanne Robertson – Episode 189

Jeanne Robertson, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two

Today, Matt Welcomes funny lady Jeanne Robertson.

Mrs. Robertson has made a name for herself over the past 5 decades as a humorist on the convention and corporate speaking circuit.

Preferring longer-form stories about her family, friends, and North Carolinian life, Robertson does not refer to herself as a stand-up comic. Rather, her brand has evolved around her being a clean, humorous speaker. The one-time Ms. North Carolina began her speaking career after winning her crown and was required to spend the year touring around the region.

Now, over 50 years later, Robertson is still making people all over the country laugh out loud. Thanks to her YouTube presence, Robertson is a “grandma gone viral.” She speaks openly about embracing new technology that has helped her build her brand. While her colleagues may have rested on their laurels after decades in the industry, Robertson explains in this interview why she was so excited to explore the new frontier that is the internet.

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With her hits in the tens of millions, Robertson has become a true, bona-fide celebrity. Now, she tours theaters around the country with her brand of storytelling humor. It is yet another new frontier for Jeanne, whose public shows have been few and far between while her focus was on corporate dates. It’s exciting, she says, to think that she can sell out large theaters in the south after decades as a private speaker.

An open book and easy to talk to–she won Miss  Congeniality at the 1963 Miss America Pageant–Jeanne reveals how she found her worth as a speaker, what led to her decision to go full-time into speaking after 9 years as a basketball coach and more. For anyone that wants to skip the comedy clubs and make a living working in a well-paying corporate environment, this is the interview you MUST hear.