Nickelodeon Animation Stars Debi Derryberry and Richard Horvitz – Episode 205

Debi_Derryberry, Richard_Horvitz

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s NICKTOON DAY here on Talk For Two! I know you’ve heard their voices, and, in our last installment from April’s Great Philadelphia Comic-Con, those voices talk to me! 

Debi Derryberry is known for her work as Jimmy Neutron, the iconic Nicktoon character whose successful movie spawned a TV show loved by kids everywhere in the first decade of the oughts. But Debi has done so much more: She was Wednesday in the 1990’s Addams Family cartoon, and starred with Howie Mandel on the animated Bobby’s World.

Next, I talk with the bumbling evil alien himself: Zim! That’s right, Richard Horvitz also made time with me at the comic-con. Some of Richard’s other credits besides Zim, include the titular Billy on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and as Grey Matter on Ben 10. When we spoke, Richard was excited about the upcoming Invader Zim Netflix film, since released, called Enter the Florpus. Hey guys, let me prep you now: that is his actual freaking voice. 

OK,  I owe everybody involved in this one a huge mea-culpa. I had thought I was supposed to hold onto this until now: November. It was my (wrong) understanding that Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus was going to drop this month. But then, it showed up on Netflix months ago and I still…waited till now to air this. I am sorry for holding out on you! But I promise it was worth the wait.

Now, let me shut up and allow our guests do the talking. After all, that is how Debi Derryberry and Richard Horvitz make their living!

Audio Producer: Max Hornig