Greg Page – Episode 216

Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page discusses the Sudden Cardiac Arrest that changed his life.

Our guest today is Greg Page, original lead singer and yellow-skivvy-wearer for children’s rock group The Wiggles. He joins us to talk about his harrowing brush with death: Surviving sudden cardiac arrest.

Page collapsed as he was leaving the stage following a charity reunion performance with the members of the original Wiggles in the band’s native Australia. Thankfully, some quick thinking, a nurse in the audience, and an AED–Automated External Defibrillator–saved Greg’s life. It was the skill of Grace Jones, a nurse who knew how to use the device, that ultimately staved off a grave outcome.

The event changed Page’s life–as it would for anybody. He’s now an advocate for awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest–it’s a little known event that this kind of event is different from a heart attack. Greg  has made it his mission to help AEDs become as common as fire extinguishers in businesses and households around the world.

Speaking via Skype from Australia, Page reveals he is working on new children’s material geared towards educating the toddler set on what to do in the event of a medical emergency. Coming from a family of first responders myself, I commend this. Beyond “Stop drop and roll” and “Call 911 if you’re in danger,” there is not much in the way of situational education for children when it comes to medical emergencies that require first responders.

And of course, no chat with Greg Page is complete with some Cold Spaghetti, Mashed Banana, and a Hot Potato or two. Are you ready to Wiggle?