Patrick Duffy – Episode 214

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Patrick Duffy sits down with Matt Bailey and co-Host Gary Rosen to discuss why he’ll always return to Dallas

Patrick Duffy is the rare star who embraces without shame the role that brought him stardom. Duffy has played Bobby Ewing off-and-on for the last five decades across various series, films, and revivals of the hit primetime soap opera Dallas.

In this interview with myself and co-host Gary Rosen, Duffy discusses how the Ewing character has been the center of his career since the 70’s. Every role that came after it was–in one way or another–thanks to Bobby. He discusses some of his favorite roles that have come as a result of his fame on the camp, serial drama.

Plus, Duffy opens up about the loss of his best friend and onscreen brother, Larry Hagman. Hagman passed away in 2012 during TNT’s acclaimed revival of Dallas. 8 years on, Patrick still misses him every day.

Dallas arguably started the primetime soap opera revolution. This is a sentiment Duffy shares. He agrees that every TV show that came after in prime time shares some DNA with Dallas. I put it another way: No Dallas, No Breaking Bad. It’s as simple as that.

This revealing interview delves deep into the history and legacy of Dallas with a true fan–publicist and last week’s guest, Gary Rosen. Rosen brings out long-unearthed memories from Duffy by asking about specific scenes and character relationships.

This is a chat that no true Dallas fan will want to miss!