Victor Yerrid – Episode 218

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Victor Yerrid on the smashing success of Puppet Epic The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Welcome to the first episode in our “From the Vault” series here on Talk for Two! My big confession is that sometimes I conduct an interview and never air it. I don’t mean to withhold. I just end up focused on other things. As a mea culpa to all the guests who have gotten buried on my hard drives, I am proud to have this series-within-the-series to focus on lost episodes!

In this instance, I conducted this interview shortly before getting hired at my current “real” job. I had just wrapped up the ComicCon episodes, and was about to air this gentleman, and I shut down completely to focus on this other opportunity.

It has been way too long since I had a chat with Victor Yerrid. Now I can hear the non-puppet-people asking, who is Victor Yerrid? Well, like the rest of the world last year, did you binge watch Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Yeah. He’s Hup; that adorable little podling who was the breakout star of the series. If you have not seen Dark Crystal: AOR yet, go watch it now. It is an epic fantasy truly unlike any other available to watch.

He also was also the puppeteer behind SkekZok/The Ritual Master and several other minor characters.

In addition to his work with Henson, Yerrid is the puppet captain on the Comedy Central hit Crank Yankers. When he’s not performing at the pinnacle of the puppetry industry, Yerrid can be found on his myriad YouTube channels making mayhem.

In this interview, Yerrid and I talk about puppets, comedy, and whether the scale of the Netflix Dark Crystal series permits a Season 2. Victor’s answer may surprise you.

Victor also tells us what the Hup stans–and their glorious fan art–mean to him.