J. Kenji Lopez-Alt – Episode 220

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J. Kenji Lopez-Alt was born to serve–both food and his community

My guest today is another celebrity chef– this time of the YouTube variety. J. Kenji Lopez Alt is a California-based chef, Restaurateur, New York Times bestselling cookbook author, and columnist. His restaurant, Wursthall, has been doing tremendous good for food service workers and the San Mateo community at large.

And, while doing all of that–and being a full-time Dad–Lopez-Alt manages to shoot a guerilla-style cooking show from his home. Kenji’s Cooking Show took off during the hardest months of the COVID pandemic lockdown, and he’s continued to showcase his home-cooking prowess. He’s been cited as an inspiration to many chefs of this digital age, including Andrew Rae of Binging with Babish fame.

And if THAT weren’t enough, Kenji’s first children’s book, Every Night is Pizza Night, comes out this coming Tuesday, September 1st. It’s a really really cute read. (And I think Every night has been pizza night for many of you!) The proceeds Lopez-Alt receives from the book are all going to charities that are helping service workers through this difficult time. And if you purchase at the link here, a donation is made to help out independent book stores across the country. 

It was a real honor to talk to someone who has led his career with his heart first. Here now, to tell us why his home kitchen is some damn tiny, our interview with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. 

Thank you so much, Kenji. I wish you continued success with all of your missions.