Sean Spicer – Episode 225

Sean Spicer: The Man Behind the Message

In a revealing interview, Sean opens up about his career before the White House, and how becoming a pop-culture figure has changed his life.

In his new book, Leading America: President Trump’s Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism, Spicer examines how the media has reacted to the Trump administration, and why he feels Trump deserves a second term.

On this post-election day with a decision yet to be made, it’s interesting to hear Sean’s predictions and see how they stack up with what happened last night and could happen going forward the rest of the week.

This interview largely veers away from politics. Matt instead gets to know the real Sean Spicer–often satirized as an enigmatic yet belligerent communicator–on a level that goes deeper than the messages he so expertly crafts.