Gina Bellman and Christian Kane – Episode 242

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The hit heist series Leverage is back, and we are proud to welcome stars  Gina Bellman and Christian Kane for a special double episode!

First up, Gina Bellman discusses rediscovering her Leverage character Sophie Devereaux. This time around with her husband Nate Ford (Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton) dead, Sophie is the mastermind of the group. Bellman details what that has meant for her portrayal. Plus, she reveals the how the show was able film during COVID.

Next, Christian Kane discusses returning to the Leverage family. Kane continued working with Leverage creator Dean Devlin after the original series ended. Advice Devlin gave Kane on his hair signaled that Leverage was about to be back in action. Kane is also a musician, and he discusses what his fans, the Kaniacs, can expect with respect to new music. Plus, hear how Kane’s character Elliot Spencer’s fight scenes were choreographed while filming in the middle of the pandemic.

This episode is dedicated to Pace University professor, Dr. Barry Morris. Dr. Morris used Leverage as text in his “Pop Culture and Communications” class. Thank you for everything, Professor Morris.

The first half of Leverage: Redemption Season 1 is now streaming on IMDBtv.