The Bellamy Brothers-Episode 180

Country music icons The Bellamy Brothers join Matt from New York City.

Today, Matt is pleased to welcome legendary country music duo, The Bellamy Brothers, David and Howard. The Brothers’ career has spanned over 4 decades and multiple platinum-selling records. Their first hit, “Let Your Love Flow” was success in pop music, before the duo returned to their cowboy roots, exploring country music. Their first country hit, “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me” used double entendre to shoot the group to the top of the US country chart.

The Brother’s new autobiography, Let Your Love Flow: Life and Times of the Bellamy Brothers explores how their grit, personality, determination, and wit took them from rural poverty to the heights of country music stardom. The book is available now by clicking the link in the episode description. Welcome, David and Howard Bellamy!

On today’s show, the brothers reminisce about growing up in a tight family. Their mother, the Bellamy’s claim, is responsible for the sense of humor and wit that permeates their music. That education in humor has served them well, as both went on to early careers working behind the scenes with Jim Stafford and Gallagher, and earned the attention of the Smothers Brothers.

With decades under their belt, the duo now say that touring is more fun than ever. There are no pressures to pay dues. The Bellamy Brothers are free to be themselves and play the music that fans know and love.

To buy their new book, click here and head over Be sure to check out their brand new documentary series airing on The Cowboy Channel, Honky-Tonk Ranch, all about living with their extended families on a ranch in Florida. It’s a truly eye-opening portrait into what grounds these music legends.

Recorded April 18, 2018 in New York City.