Nancy Grace-Episode 181

Nancy Grace, CrimeOnline

Matt’s obsession with true crime is indulged as Talk For Two welcomes Nancy Grace to the program.

For those of you who don’t know Nancy Grace-who has become synonymous with court coverage in America-she got her start in the Georgia District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor, before heading to CourtTV, and later, her own self-titled TV show on HLN, Nancy Grace, which she helmed for over 11 years. Grace now runs, a hub for updates on crime stories from across the country. She also hosts a podcast on the website, Crime Stories, which can be found in iTunes as well.

Finally back on TV, Grace is co-host of a new legal talk show that sees her and ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams sparring over some of today’s most hotly debated cases. Grace Vs. Abrams airs weekly on the A&E Network. Matt appeared in the audience (And his question even made it to air) on the episode of Grace Vs. Abrams that explored the Adnan Syed case. How fortuitous that the podcaster would end up in the audience of the episode covering the case made famous by another podcast; Serial.

Today, Matt chats with Nancy about The Golden State Killer, who was allegedly identified last month through DNA, after decades on the run. Plus, they discuss why it is so fascinating to re-examine cases, and the frustrations that questioning a jury’s verdict can cause all parties in a case.

In addition to talking about current events, Grace relays a story from her time in the DA’s office. It’s a cautionary tale about the importance of evidence preservation.

The pair also talks about Scott Peterson and the disappearance of Laci Peterson, as a brand new episode of Grace Vs. Abrams covering that very case airs tomorrow, May 8th on A&E. Check your local listings for air times.