Daniel Sloss – Episode 191

Daniel Sloss, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two

On location at the SoHo Playhouse, Matt welcomes amazing Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss.

Sloss’ 10th show, X, runs through February 24th, with 8 more chances to see it at the SoHo playhouse beginning tomorrow, 2/19.

Sloss has found enormous success in the UK at just 28 years of age. Now, he’s taking America by storm with his brand of comedy, that has a particular twist to it.

Those of you who have seen Sloss’ two Netflix specials, “Dark,” and “Jigsaw” know exactly what that twist is. In fact, he credits those two Netflix shows for igniting his American popularity.  Behind the harsh sense of humor lies a heartfelt message, and Sloss leaves his audiences thinking.

After this Off-Broadway run, Daniel will tour the show across North America, with dates in LA, Detroit, Boston, DC, Vancouver, Portland, Spokane and Seattle. For tickets, head over to DanielSloss.com. Link is in the description below on our website.

In this interview, Daniel opens up about his writing process, and how X is essentially 4 jokes spread out over 90 minutes. This year, Daniel provides his insights into toxic masculinity. The results are both hysterical and stunning.

In addition to discussing this year’s show, Matt and Daniel discuss the difference between comedy in the UK and America, and Sloss thinks back on his 9 other record-smashing Edinburgh Fringe shows. Very self-aware of just how lucky he was to find success in his late teens, Daniel admits he is always working to best himself, so that he doesn’t peak to early. When
But at the heart of every Sloss show–and indeed, this interview–is that it is OK to laugh at tragedy. Doing so takes away the power from the horrible around us, and adds humanity back to an awful situation. This is perhaps best illustrated by X, and the twists and turns it takes. This show is a must-see for fans of comedy, and fans of shows that leave you thinking.