Anson Mount – Episode 192

Anson_Mount, Matt_Bailey

Today, Matt sits down with Anson Mount, star of Star Trek: Discovery, ahead of Discovery’s season finale tomorrow night.

Each generation has their Enterprise Captain. There’s Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer, Chronologically the first Enterprise Captain, William Shatner as the immortal James T. Kirk. Following in Kirk’s legacy in The Next Generation is Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard.

And now, a half-century after The Original Series defined what a Space Opera could be, fans new and old finally have their Captain Pike in Anson Mount, on Star Trek: Discovery.

At once hopeful and adventurous, kind-hearted and even-keeled; Mount has been critically acclaimed for his ability to bring to life Trekkies’ every hope for what Pike could be. The one-time skeleton of a character that remained an enigma of the Star Trek universe has finally been fleshed out.

It is a role Mount has not taken lightly. As he said during a panel at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con this past weekend, it’s one thing to operate in the 8-month bubble filming the show and finding the character, quite another to see the reaction. Fans have humbled Anson by launching an effort to get CBS All-Access to give Pike his own Enterprise spin-off, putting Mount in the Captain’s chair once again.

While the character of Captain Pike may have stolen the show this season, Mount has been up-front about having signed to only one season of Discovery. However, after seeing the twinkle in his eye when he talks about cementing his place in Star Trek history, Matt has a sneaking suspicion we’ll see Anson in his Star Fleet uniform again very soon.

Mount is also the host and producer, along with Branan Edgens, of the podcast, The Well. The show features unconventional celebrity interviews. Edgens and Mount talk with their guests about how they think outside the box, and quiz them on the spark of inspiration that led them to their careers. Part 3 of The Well’s chat with Doug Jones–who plays Commander Saru on Star Trek Discovery–just dropped. Check it out and subscribe in iTunes.

In their chat at the Comic Con, Matt couldn’t resist asking Anson for teasers for tomorrow’s finale of Star Trek: Discovery, which will drop on CBS All Access at 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 Pacific time.

Plus, they also discuss how Anson dug into his breakout role on AMC’s Hell on Wheels.