Nana Visitor – Episode 193


From the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con, Matt talks with Star Trek: Deep Space 9 star, Nana Visitor! Visitor Returns to TV TONIGHT, in a Lifetime Original Movie, Killer Grandma

Visitor is, of course, known for playing the Major (later Colonel) Kira Nerys on Deep Space 9. Matt spoke with her for a few minutes about the legacy of her character, and the lasting power of the Star Trek franchise over the last 50 years.

Additionally, Matt spoke with Ms. Visitor about her other notable roles, including her work with Seth MacFarlane, and her multiple appearances on Broadway. Plus, learn the real story behind how she got her last name, Visitor.

At the heart of this interview is an understanding of what Star Trek–in particular, DS9, means to fans. Many fans find themselves in the traumas experienced by the characters of this darker, more emotionally real chapter in the Star Trek cannon.

Nana Visitor returns to television tonight, starring in Killer Grandma, a Lifetime Original Movie airing at 8/7c on Lifetime. Check out the trailer here.

In Matt’s brief time with Nana, she demonstrated all the class and grace you have come to expect from this television icon.