Nancy Grace – Episode 201


Nancy Grace Returns to Talk For Two to talk with Matt about her new series on the Oxygen Network, Injustice with Nancy Grace.

Today, I am so thrilled to welcome back one of my favorite people in the world, Nancy Grace. Grace has a brand new show on the Oxygen network, called Injustice with Nancy Grace.

The show centers on cases that-in some way or another-failed to balance the scales of justice for the families of the murder victims. I asked Grace what exactly has to happen for justice–true justice–to be served.

Most of these cases are not your “ripped from the headlines” Dateline murder mysteries. They’re the local, back-of-the-newspaper cases that never got their moment in the spotlight. As a former prosecutor herself, the reason Nancy wants to feature them is quite personal.

The season finale of Injustice with Nancy Grace airs this coming Saturday, August 31st. Check your local listings for times. The episode will feature the gripping case of wealthy murder victim *Shele Danishefsky Covlin.

*This is a correction from audio, on which I state the finale is Robert Kissel. Kissel’s case aired last week. 

Not caught up on Injustice? You can watch every episode online anytime by logging into your television provider at