Jennifer Marshall, Host of “Mysteries Decoded” – Episode 202

Jennifer_Marshall, Mysteries_Decoded

Private Investigator and host of the CW series Mysteries Decoded, Jennifer Marshall delves into Area 51, Bigfoot, and so much more on today’s show!

Today, we get to explore a whole different realm here on Talk For Two. Actually, it’s a whole bunch of different realms: The paranormal, the cryptid, the unidentified, the unexplained–I LOVE this stuff, and I finally found a guest–and an amazing TV show–that lets me indulge in all things conspiratorial about what is rumored but unconfirmed to be true on our blue little marble…and beyond.

That is because our guest today, the wonderful Jennifer Marshall, is host of the CW’s conspiracy investigative series, Mysteries Decoded. Each week, Jennifer, an open-minded skeptic, pairs with an true believer who happens to be an expert in whatever that episode’s investigation is focusing on.

And that is at the heart of why I love this show: It is not an hour of filler television with tricky editing where in the end all they did was make stupid cat-calls in the woods or stare up at the sky searching for tiny discs. Jennifer and her episodic co-host truly dig into each and every story, finding real evidence, witnesses, and experts to both support and refute whatever they happen to be chasing.

Marshall, an actress you may recognize from Stranger Things 2–she played Max’s mom in a few episodes of the second season of the Netflix hit–is also a respected private investigator. Her talents marry to make her the perfect host for Mysteries Decoded. She’s so into this particular job, she live tweets each week. You can follow her @Jenn13Jenn13.

Previous episodes of Mysteries Decoded have focused on Mothman, The Roswell Incident, and the infamous case of the exonerated Lizzie Borden, who has long been thought to have murdered her family. That particular episode sees Jennifer paired with a supposed psychic medium and the two really hit it off, and we discuss their unique friendship.

New episodes air every Tuesday. If you want to get acquainted with Jennifer Marshall and her investigations, all previous episodes of Mysteries Decoded are currently streaming on CW Seed, which you can access by clicking here.