Devon Graye and Leslie Hope – Episode 237

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Two Familiar On-Screen Faces Who are Forging a Career Behind the Scenes

Lauded character actor Leslie Hope and former Dexter star Devon Graye talk about going from actors to creative forces behind-the-scenes.

Devon Graye is known to Dexter fans as young Dexter in the first few  seasons of the Showtime dark comedy. In recent years, he has made a name for himself writing thriller films.

Graye’s 2017 film I See You,  staring Jon Tenney and Helen Hunt, has received rave reviews (and ruined all other thrillers for this host.) Another film of his is on the famed  Hollywood “Blacklist” of the best scripts yet to be optioned for production.

Our second guest is Leslie Hope, producer and star of Lie Exposed.

Hope is best known for her turn on numerous TV shows, including The Mentalist and as Terri Bauer on the first season of the FOX network hit 24.

Now, Hope is turning her attention to working behind the scenes. She is currently a director on the Netflix hit Lost in Space.

This episode features two great interviews with stars who have made a name for themselves both in front of and behind the camera.

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