Dr. Cyril Wecht – Episode 235

Cyril Wecht, Forensic Pathology, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two, JonBenet Ramsey

Forensic Pathologist Cyril Wecht on his Life and Deaths

Dr. Cyril Wecht is a name known to many in forensics. He has consulted on some of the most high-profile cases. Dr. Wecht is a forensic pathologist. Put bluntly, he is somebody who studies dead bodies, and performs autopsies with an eye toward figuring how a person died, and maybe even who killed them.

Dr. Wecht has released a new memoir, The Life and Deaths of Cyril Wecht where he posits his theories on the many, many infamous cases he worked throughout his 6-decade career. It’s available on Amazon and I have linked to it in the description box on Talk For Two DOT com.

In this interview, we begin by talking about what makes one interested in studying corpses. But the conversation quickly turned to some of his theories regarding the deaths of several famous murder victims. His theory on JonBenet Ramsey, in particular, varies from the mainstream.