Richard Dolan – Episode 233

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Ufologist Richard Dolan on What Could be Beyond The Stars

Do you believe in UFOS?

What if I told you it’s possible–even probable–that high-level government agencies–agencies with even more power than the President of the United States–have been concealing information about unidentified aircraft for decades.

You’d think I’m a kook, right? What’s this guy who interviews stars doing looking TO the stars? Well, as you can tell from the theme of this week, a hobby of mine is the unexplained.

Plus, just think about it: the sheer probability that we are alone in the vastness of the universe just seems, improbable doesn’t it?

I’ll say it: I believe our government knows more about the situation of unidentified aircraft than they are willing to let on. The recent admissions by the Navy that two oddly-shaped aircraft captured on a pair of official in-flight videos, are indeed unidentified, is proof enough for me.

Now are these phenomena the stuff of extraterrestrials? or unknown black-budget projects from foreign countries? That I leave up to you.

Are there cooks out there that posit some deep-state conspiracies? Sure. But that’s not what I am getting at. It is simply a question of National Security, and what is withheld from from the public at-large for the good of society.

Richard Dolan is the most level-headed expert at explaining this. We delve into all manner of UFO phenomena: from reported sightings to evidence the government is trying to protect us from their existence.

All I ask is that you set aside what you think and feel about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and hear him out.

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