Jeff Meldrum, PhD – Episode 232

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Anthropologist Dr. Jeff Meldrum on the Clues Bigfoot’s Prints Leave Behind

Welcome everybody to our Mystery Week.

I am excited to kick things off with Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Dr. Meldrum is a professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University.

However, he is known to the world of Sasquatch believers as the foremost expert on Bigfoot prints. He has appeared on countless documentaries and TV series discussing why he believes the primate species–thought to be the link between apes and humans if it exists–is more than mythology. Meldrum is also an author of several books on the subject, which can be found here.

But you know me, I never just want to delve into the expert’s subject matter. I love getting to know the person, what fascinates them, and what drives their beliefs. I see these folks on TV and I wonder, “how did they become believers in this particular mystery of the universe?” That’s the focus of our conversation.

Plus, Dr. Meldrum and I talk about the standing of the theory of Sasquatch’s existence within the mainstream scientific community.

A quick programming note, our interview with Brian Ross, originally scheduled yesterday, will run as a double-episode on Thursday 1/14.