Robert Picardo – Episode 231

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The Out-of-this-World Career of Robert Picardo

Some of Robert Picardo’s most well-known roles are in the biggest Sci-Fi franchises of all time. He was the Cowboy in Innerspace, Richard Woolsey in the Stargate franchise, and of course his most-beloved role as the Doctor (Emergency Medical Hologram) on Star Trek: Voyager.

Of course, Picardo has had other memorable roles on shows including The Wonder Years (his turn as Coach Cutlip earned him an Emmy Nod) and The Mentalist. But it is in Sci-Fi where, Picardo says, he has felt the most engaged with fans.

A career among the pretend stars has also led to a real interest in Planetary science. He has been a board member of The Planetary Society since 2015. The NGO was founded by famed astronomer and Cosmologist, the late Carl Sagan, in 1980. To learn more, go to

In this interview, Robert Picardo tells us how he landed (get it? Landed? Like a spaceship?) in Sci-Fi!