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Fran Drescher, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two, The Christmas Setup

Fran Drescher – Episode 228
December 23, 2020 | No Comments

She’s the Nanny Named Fran, but in The Christmas Set-Up Fran Drescher plays meddling mom Kate in Lifetime’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Christmas movie.

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Daphne_Maxwell_Reid, Fresh_Prince_Reunion, Matt_Bailey, Talk_For_Two

Daphne Maxwell Reid – Episode 227
December 11, 2020 | No Comments

Daphne Maxwell Reid opens up about reuniting with her Fresh Prince Co-Stars on HBO

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Rob Paulsen, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two

Rob Paulsen – Episode 226
November 5, 2020 | No Comments

Rob Paulsen’s Big Voice, Big Career, and Even Bigger Heart

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Sean Spicer – Episode 225
November 4, 2020 | No Comments

Sean Spicer: The Man Behind the Message

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Joan Lunden, Talk For Two, Matt Bailey

Joan Lunden – Episode 224
November 3, 2020 | No Comments

Getting Candid with Joan Lunden

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Rod Blagojevich, Matt Bailey, Talk For Two

Rod Blagojevich – Episode 223
November 2, 2020 | No Comments

Governor Rod Blagojevich Shares his Side of the Story

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Oliver_Stone, Chasing_The_Light, Matt_Bailey, Talk_For_Two

Oliver Stone – Episode 222
September 11, 2020 | No Comments

Oliver Stone: “Anyone who looks at a director as a God is nuts”

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Jerry_Springer, Judge_Jerry, Matt_Bailey, Talk_For_Two

Jerry Springer – Episode 221
September 4, 2020 | No Comments

From Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! to Keeping Order in the Court, Jerry Springer on his Long and Winding Career

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J_Kenji_Lopez_Alt, Wursthall, Matt_Bailey, Talk_For_Two

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt – Episode 220
August 28, 2020 | No Comments

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt was born to serve–both food and his community

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Jan_Lewan, The_Polka_King, Matt_Bailey, Talk_For_Two

Jan Lewan – Episode 219
August 7, 2020 | No Comments

Polka Ponzi Scheme: The Jan Lewan Story (From The Vault Episode 2)

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